New Song: Tegan And Sara, ‘I’m Not Your Hero’

Listen to Tegan and Sara's moving new track, "I'm Not Your Hero."

With each new record and single, we can feel indie-folk duo Tegan and Sara edging further away from raw, acoustic guitar strums to highly produced pop anthems. This might be weird for us if the sisters hadn't made the transition so, so effortlessly -- something they continue to do on the drumbeat-heavy new track "I'm Not Your Hero."

Listen to Tegan and Sara's "I'm Not Your Hero" after the jump.

Following their previous single "Closer" (both tracks will appear on the their upcoming album, Heartthrob), "Hero" opens with polished guitar chords, followed by a piercing drum beat. Said drum beat carries us through to the track's end, but succeeds in amplifying the song's pounding, memorable chorus: "I’m not their hero/ But that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t brave/ I never walked the party line/ Doesn’t mean that I was never afraid/ I’m not your hero/ But that doesn’t mean we’re not one in the same." Tegan and Sara's finely harmonized vocals are complimented by fuzzy, splashy synths, perfecting a track that honors their previous work but shows their dedication to musical development. Maybe Tegan and Sara should teach a course on "The Transition From Rock To Pop"! After all, we hear Questlove's teaching at NYU!

+ Listen to Tegan and Sara's "I'm Not Your Hero."

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