New Song: The Story So Far, ‘Right Here’

Listen to The Story So Far's new single, "Right Here."

The Story So Far revive classic pop-punk in their new song, "Right Here."

We've got good news for any old-school fans complaining online/crying at the mall food court about the direction Fall Out Boy went with their booming new single, "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)" (think: less plucky pop-punk, more fire-wielding power ballads). Luckily for said old-schoolers, California's The Story So Far have the answer in "Right Here," a song that's got all the shouty, throwback sing-along energy the scene's been missing.

Listen to The Story So Far's "Right Here" after the jump.

The new single from the about-to-explode five-piece arrives just in time, because we've just about burned a hole in our copy of their 2011 album Under Soil and Dirt, an invigorating kick in the pants to what was starting to seem like a stagnant genre with its furiously churning guitars and abrasive but undeniably hook-heavy explosiveness.

"Right Here," the first song from their upcoming Pure Noise Records release What You Don’t See, is a natural extension of that perfected pop-punk blueprint with its big, dangling open chords, rhythmic changes, call-and-response choruses, and spitfire delivery from vocalist Parker Cannon. In fact, if we weren't too old to worry about hurting ourselves, we'd do a stage dive right off of our desk into an imaginary pit right now.

"The song structures for this album are thought out a little better, and the parts that we came up with are more interesting," says guitarist Will Levy. "The further into the writing process we got, the better the songs became." Well, at the risk of sounding like ridiculous fanboys (in case that wasn't already obvious), we didn't think that was possible.

+ Listen to The Story So Far's "Right Here."

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