New Song: The Wanted, ‘Chasing The Sun’

Listen to The Wanted's new song, 'Chasing The Sun.'

This month it's all The Wanted everything! The Wanted is MTV's POSTED artist for April, which means we get 30 incredible days to celebrate the boy band from the U.K. -- a celebration that should most definitely include a toast (or something) in honor of their new song, "Chasing The Sun."

Penned by U.K. rapper Example, "Chasing The Sun" is set to a hypnotic dance beat much in the same vein as the boys' smash "Glad You Came." On their new track, the boys sing in five-part harmony about their burgeoning career and yes, the incredible life they lead that you should, in fact, be jealous of: "We've only just begun/ Hypnotized by drums/ Until forever comes/ You'll find us chasing the sun.../ They said this day wouldn't come/ We refuse to run/ We've only just begun/ You'll find us chasing the sun."

Listen to The Wanted's "Chasing The Sun" after the jump.

During a recent sit-down with MTV News, Siva Kaneswaran confessed, "To be in the U.S. is amazing... But just as long as we go out there and be ourselves and the U.S. takes us as we are. We're just coming over here to have a laugh." O RLY, a jolly old laugh, young chap? While we appreciate the humility and all, let's be real: "A laugh" actually means "a successful U.S. takeover." Hey, as my mom always says, it's OK to own the fact that you're special!

+ Listen to The Wanted's "Chasing The Sun."

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