New Song: Timbaland Featuring Dev, ‘Break Ya Back’

Timbaland's "Break Ya Back" features Dev/makes our dreams come true.

Dev, one of our 2012 Artists To Watch, has been one busy gal. In between performing a sick set at the Woodies Awards Festival and oh, having a baby, she found time to pop into the studio with mega-producer Timbaland to put the finishing touches on their new banger, "Break Ya Back."

It's been a hot minute since we've seen Timbaland in front of the mic, and "Break Ya Back" is a perfect way to break back in (ba-dum ching). Though it's significantly less poppy than some of Timbaland's more well-known records, the sparse and grimy beat that drives the record still has Timbaland written all over it. That, plus a little dash of Far East Movement grime to make the "Like a G6" singer feel at home.

Listen to Timbaland and Dev's "Break Ya Back" after the jump.

Timbo opens the joints with his signature flow and takes some quality time out to rap about his two favorite things -- money and music, naturally: "Timmy is my nickname/ Making beats’ my main thing/ Money is no object/ What I want I got that/ Platinum plaques from way back." Dev's up next and spends most of her verse discussing how sexy she is: "Dev I’m here from Cali/ No one in my alley/ All the boys is at me/ Trying to find my hidden valley." Sure, maybe there's a tiny bit of narcissism going on here, but can we please not forget how much Dev has done lately? I mean, she's a mom now -- why shouldn't she remind the world she's completely dope?

+ Listen to Timbaland featuring Dev, "Break Ya Back."

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