New Song: Usher, ‘Scream’

Usher heads back to the dance floor on 'Scream.'

Usher's currently got a No. 1 hit with his sultry Diplo-produced "Climax," but that doesn't mean dude can't be a hustler and release a brand-new banger called "Scream." Thanks in part to the massively successful David Guetta-assisted "Without You," Usher has more than proven himself in the dance world. So why not try again, this time on his own?

Listen to Usher's "Scream" after the jump. 

Set to a hypnotic,"I'm partying at 5 a.m. in Ibiza!" beat, Usher's "Scream" is primed for the clubs. The track boasts a synth-heavy, thumping bassline, but Usher's signature vocals rise above the noise and claim the track as their own. And natch, Usher sings about a hot chick and how it'll be a total cinch for him to get her home: "I see you over there, so hypnotic/ Thinking 'bout what I do to that body.../ Got no drink in my hand/ But I'm wasted/ Getting drunk of the thought of you naked/ I get you like ooh, baby, baby."

While we totally appreciated the slowed-down pace of Usher's "Climax," we have to say we're thrilled Mr. Raymond is down to return to his club-banging roots. That, and we've had a mad hankering for another Usher video where he's glistening with pop-star sweat, wearing clothes we can't afford and rocking dance moves we'll practice endlessly in our bedrooms never be able to do.

+ Listen to Usher's "Scream" below. 

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