New Song: Zowie, ‘My Calculator’

Real talk: We have a total crush on Zowie. the New Zealand native, born Zoe Fleury, is one of the raddest, most rambunctious chicks in the game, currently making spunky synth-pop that's been highlighted by MTV Iggy on "The MTV Iggy Show." She's joined superstars like Katy Perry and Mark Ronson on their Down Under tours, and her last single, the rowdy pop nugget "Smash It," was even featured prominently on "Pretty Little Liars," which some critics (read: us) have described as "the best show of all time."

Now, Zowie's kickin' ass and doin' math (that's the expression, right?) with her new single, "My Calculator," a fizzy confection about, well, sums and numbers and digits and stuff. Adding to Zowie's intrinsic appeal is the fact that "My Calculator" was helmed by Swedish writer-producer Henrik Jonback, a frequent Britney Spears collaborator who, in all likelihood, penned pretty much all of your favorite Godney songs. ("Toxic," "Do Somethin'," "Radar," "Unusual You" and "How I Roll," to name a few.) Basically, the guy knows his way around a pop tune, and he's worked his magic on "My Calculator" to great effect.

Listen to Zowie's "My Calculator" after the jump.

"I'll bring my calculator/ But nothing seems to add up here!" Zowie cries over rollicking synths and squelchy drums, before launching into a shouty chanted chorus: "One-one-one and a six-six-six and a two-two-two and a three-three-three!" (We did the math, and that adds up to 1,332, FYI.)

It's been a minute since 50 Cent and Justin Timberlake advised us that they were tired of using technology, but Zowie's bringing it back, analog-style, and we have no complaints. Now, if only we could find our old TI-83...

+ Listen to Zowie's "My Calculator."

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