New Video: 2:54, ‘You’re Early’

2:54's 'You're Early' video will leave you haunted, but in the good way.

Sisters Colette (singer/guitarist) and Hannah Thurlow (bassist/backing vocals) are the dreamy darlings behind the lush, shoegazey 2:54, a British act that personally blew me away at SXSW, landing a spot on our 15 SXSW Bands You Need To Know list. Given that all of this worthy buzz began before their full-length album has hit the States (they just inked a deal with Fat Possum in the U.S.), it's clear if you're not yet familiar, the time to get to know 2:54 is now.

+ Watch 2:54's "Your're Early" video after the jump.

2:54 has a penchant for dark, early-'90s, melodic-to-squalling, My Bloody Valentine-leaning sounds atop grooving rhythms juxtaposed against Colette's ethereal, gauzy vocals. And their "You're Early" video aptly visualizes their atmospheric sound. It opens in what looks like an underwater dust storm while a single note repeats before giving way to a eerie melody, as figures float in and out of view. "I've been watching, I've been waiting for you," Colette sings and the otherworldly vibe continues as dancers draped in black look like they're dancing in murky water. "I just want to be close," Colette laments in the yearning chorus that feels like Music-era Madonna if she'd tapped Billy Corgan as a producer and later went on to win "The Hunger Games." (Could you imagine?)

Anyway, we here at Buzzworthy have been playing this song ceaselessly, and we've watched the video so many times we can no longer separate fantasy from reality. So be forewarned -- you may not come back from this video. And now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to watch "You're Early" once again and then attempt to locate our minds.

2:54's eponymous album will be released on Fat Possum on May 28.

+ Watch 2:54's "You're Early" video.

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