New Video: B.o.B., ‘So Good’

B.o.B. the most well-traveled rapper of all time.

Damn, y'all. B.o.B.'s girlfriend has it MADE. According to his new video "So Good," all this dude wants to do is pamper his woman and fly her first class around the whole effing world. Hot girls get all the luck.

Shot last month in Buenos Aires by director Justin Francis (Alicia Keys, Timbaland, Mariah Carey), the clip features a montage of the life I want to have vignettes of B.o.B. and his ladyfriend traveling around Buenos Aires in style. The duo makes swift wardrobe changes, and neither one of them seem to be jet-lagged from the time difference or have residual nausea from the flight. (Am I projecting?)

Watch B.o.B.'s "So Good" video after the jump.

As the couple frolics around gorgeous Argentina, B.o.B. responsibly reminds his gal to pack thoroughly because she's in for a long-ass trip: "Swagger like Caesar, I'll get you a visa/ We can go to Italy, and maybe see the Colosseum/ I'll be Da Vinci if you'll be my Mona Lisa/ Now smile, and pack your bags real good, baby/ Cause you'll be gone for a while." Who knew B.o.B. was the best boyfriend ever?

Oh, and bonus round: There's a 3-D version of "So Good" available exclusively on Nintendo Video. Um, who can I speak with about getting a customized, interactive version of this vid where they've kindly swapped out B.o.B.'s on-screen girlfriend for an image of me? Anyone know? I'll pay.

+ Watch B.o.B.'s "So Good" video.

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