New Video: Bei Maejor Featuring Waka Flocka Flame, ‘Lights Down Low’

Being an unapologetic, regressive rap fan I haven't really been paying much attention to R&B newjack Bei Maejor. But after putting this Flocka-assisted banger "Lights Down Low" on repeat for half the day, I'm pretty much sold on the dude. I should mention that Bei Maejor isn't much of newbie: He's gone the somewhat traditional route, spending close to the last 10 years being a Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer for other R&B heavies like Ne-Yo and Trey Songz. But now he's signed his own artist deal and is set to be the next, well, Ne-Yo or Trey Songz.

Watch Bei Maejor and Waka Flocka Flame's "Lights Down Low" video after the jump.

All those days in the studio have paid off, though, because this crossover jam is good -- his hook is catchy, the drums are hard and heavy but fast, and when the horns come in I get delicious Cash Money flashbacks that have me wishing for a new Big Tymers album. Maejor kind of has a thing for these big and fast rap tunes: He produced Iggy Azalea and T.I.'s excellent "Murda Bizness" and co-produced (with Drake hitmaker Boi-1da) Soulja Boy's silly but undeniably awesome "Speakers Going Hammer" whose synth stabs owe a little something to Mannie Fresh as well.

So the "Lights Down Low" video: After a friendly game of basketball, Bei Maejor and Waka Flocka head back to the trap for an old-fashioned house party. Once they've all packed up their Jordans on the court, Bei scoops his girl in a Jeep Wrangler (LOL) from underneath a freeway overpass (I guess), and they head to the party. Then it's all red cups, sick lens flares (bruh) and Flocka maintaining his monopoly on rapping behind chain-link fences in videos. FLEX.

+ Watch Bei Maejor and Waka Flocka Flame's "Lights Down Low" video.

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