New Video: Betty Who, ‘You’re In Love’

Watch Betty Who's "You're In Love" video.

Take a romantic trip 'round NYC with Betty Who in her "You're In Love" video.

Here's a quick Who's Who on Betty Who: The Australian-born, Berklee-schooled singer-songwriter is rapidly bubbling up as one of the year's major Ones To Watch, thanks to her ridiculously brilliant (and free!) debut EP, The Movement. The singer's got an arsenal of huge pop hooks and catchy, nostalgic choruses à la Katy Perry and Robyn, mixed with the electronica sheen of Empire Of The Sun and M83. She already caught the blogosphere's attention late last year with the premiere of her shimmering, early Whitney Houston-esque debut, "Somebody Loves You," and now she's got even more love to share with her new single and video: "You're In Love."

Watch Betty Who's "You're In Love" video after the jump.

The swooning songstress is getting all sorts of head-over-heels with her hunky beau in the charming new clip, reveling in sun-soaked afternoons spent in bed and romantic nighttime drives around New York City. It's kind of like Betty Who's very own take on Miss Perry's "Teenage Dream," but with far more melancholy undertones: Just like the mixed messages in the song itself, there's lots of longing, pensive stares into the distance and shared tension between the two. Are you two kickin' it or not, Miss Who? We just want to know!

It's all very dazzling and magical and nostalgic and devastating at the same time -- much like all perfect pop music should be.

+ Watch Betty Who's "You're In Love" video.

Photo credit: Betty Who's Facebook

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