New Video: Bjork, ‘Hollow’

Go inside Bjork's mind in her latest video, 'Hollow.' No, literally INSIDE.

WT-actual-F? The new video from iconic Icelandic alt-pop eccentricity extraordinaire Bjork for her latest single, "Hollow," is out, and and it's like the darkest trip on the Magic School Bus ev-ah. Only instead of having the intrepid Mrs. Valerie Frizzle as our guide, our accompaniment in the "Hollow" video consists of only Bjork's haunting, high-pitched voice and the echoing beat of a pipe organ.

Bjork's known to be left-of-center in her tastes (putting it mildly), but "Hollow" takes avant-garde to a whole new level, with a narrative-free video traversing territory that's both ultrafamiliar and completely alien: It's her own body, y'all! And while we're always down to get close to a renowned artiste like Bjork, this may be one instance where we're too close for comfort. (Like, actually IN HER VEINS.)

Watch Bjork's "Hollow" video after the jump.

Working with Drew Berry, an acclaimed biomedical animator (because apparently that's a thing?), the "Hollow" video gets down to the molecular level, a six-minute animation of swirling proteins and brightly colored chromosome and waggling DNA strands and like, other wiggly stuff. It looks like a garden of candy -- squirming, inedible candy! And the moment near the end, where a bunch of those proteins suddenly bind together to form Bjork's face in a creepy-crawly pastel-hued mask mosaic? Nightmares, TBH.

And while the video is probably a brilliant melding of the technological and the mystical that intimates a provocative message about our alienation from our own humanity (or whatever), it mostly just makes us feel confused, and anxious, and like bugs are crawling all over us. We'll let silver fox Anderson Cooper give the final word on experimental videos about microbiological organisms:

We all get to feeling a little Hollow sometimes, Anderson.
I know, right?

+ Watch Bjork's "Hollow" video.

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