New Video: Breathe Carolina, ‘Hit and Run (Lyric Video)’

Breathe Carolina

Breathe Carolina: very ready for the holiday weekend.

Make no mistake: Breathe Carolina knows how to party. The electro-rock band's new "Hit And Run" goes all T-Pain-meets-Skrillex on us, smoothing out the duo's vocals with Auto-Tune and adding rave-ready bass to Breathe Carolina's beat arsenal. The lyric video for the dance floor banger captures the boys in Vegas, where they and their pals rock glow-in-the-dark face paint, chug Rockstar and pass out in hotel hallways. Somewhere, LMFAO are watching this video and high-fiving.

Watch Breathe Carolina's "Hit And Run" lyric video after the jump.

Breathe Carolina's got a serious entourage for the wild night -- we haven't seen that many people in a limo since prom. Despite all that partying, the track's about true love, or at least sticking around for post-hookup breakfast: "This ain't no drive-by love, don't want no hit and run," David Schmitt sings. Either way, what happens in Vegas stays on your playlist. The new track's on iTunes today, just in time to pump up your Memorial Day weekend.

+ Watch Breathe Carolina's "Hit and Run" lyric video.

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