New Video: Cheryl Cole, ‘Under The Sun’

Cheryl Cole drives the neighborhood boys crazy in her 'Under The Sun' video.

Remember how ridiculously bangin' Cheryl Cole looked in her "Call My Name" video? Now take that number and multiply it by 78,000. That's the attractiveness level Cheryl is working with in her latest clip, "Under The Sun." Sometimes life is just unfair like that. Still love you, Cheryl!

Watch Cheryl Cole's "Under The Sun" video after the jump. 

The Alex Da Kid-produced "Under The Sun" is the second single from Cole's A Million Lights LP. In the video, Cheryl spends most her time looking like a supermodel while making every dude around her crazed with "Cheryl Fever." Cheryl then takes over an entire neighborhood -- scandalizing cafes, restaurants, street corners and outdoor food markets with her revealing outfits and minx-like dance moves.

Eventually, a bevy of '50s-era-inspired men in suits dance their way onto the scene. Unfortunately, we can't be bothered to care, because we're way too busy looking at Cheryl's impossibly teeny-tiny waist. Cole continues to shock the neighborhood watch, until she struts off into the distance, confident she has made every woman around her insecure about both their looks and their marriages. Yeah, well we say get yours, Cheryl! Just do me a solid favor, though, and stay the hell away from my block -- it's already hard enough to land a man without you and your hot bod around.

+ Watch Cheryl Cole's "Under The Sun" video

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