New Video: Chris Rene, ‘Young Homie’

Watch "X Factor U.S.A." contestant Chris Rene's 'Young Homie' video.

If you you're still not convinced that "Buzz On" alum and former "X Factor" second runner-up Chris Rene is about to blow, then kindly let us direct you to the video for his single "Young Homie." Currently sitting comfortably atop the iTunes charts, "Young Homie" was written by Chris and happens to be the very song he performed at his first "X Factor" audition. Full circle, much?

Directed by Jeremy Rall (R. Kelly), the clip was filmed in Chris' hometown of Santa Cruz and beautifully depicts the people, the places and the streets that inspired him to pen the original record. There were actually no actors in the video -- they're all his friends and family!

Watch Chris Rene's "Young Homie" video after the jump.

In the clip, we see Chris roaming the streets of his youth, bumping into some old friends (who all happen to be standing in one spot) wearing similar hoodies and throwing up some mad peace signs. (I wish my friends looked that intimidating.) Later, Chris strolls through the town's record store (they still have one of those?), he pops by the skate park and finally ends his visit with a live performance for the entire town. The whole community goes crazy for Chris, and they basically elect him the honorary mayor of Santa Cruz. But no really, the actual mayor should name a day after Chris (or at least give him his own highway or something). "It basically just depicts a really good day in Santa Cruz," Chris told us about the video. We're pretty sure you have a lot of those coming up, Chris.

+ Watch Chris Rene's "Young Homie" video.

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