New Video: Cody Simpson, ‘Got Me Good’

Cody Simpson is the perfect beach boyfriend in his 'Got Me Good' video.

In the same way my teenage self is dying to be the girl that dips fondue with Justin Bieber in his "Boyfriend" video, she's also dying to be the girl frolicking around with Cody Simpson in his "Got Me Good" video. Not in a weird "He's 15 and I'm 26" way, just in a "this is the most adorable teen romance I've ever effing seen" way. You know? You know.

Watch Cody Simpson's "Got Me Good" video after the jump.

Slated to appear on his forthcoming Preview To Paradise, Cody Simpson is quite literally the perfect boyfriend in "Got Me Good." As the blond Aussie casually strums his guitar, he looks like a bona fide surfer dude. He tools around the beach and holds hands with his ladyfriend who sports a age inappropriate skimpy bikini. Next, the mini baller treats his lady to a day of shopping, swimming and FLIRTING! Lots of lots of flirting, hugging, PG-style touching and puppy loving. Basically Cody and his gal are the "it" couple of ninth-grade classes worldwide -- only Cody is loaded, famous and has an amazing accent.

+ Watch Cody Simpson's "Got Me Good" video.

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