New Video: Dawn Richard, ‘Wild N’ Faith’

Dawn Richard wilds out in her "Wild N' Faith" video.

Dawn Richard has come a long way since the showstoppin' days of Danity Kane (RIP, gone but never forgotten) -- and her brand-new "Wild N' Faith" video might just be her most ambitious solo effort yet.

The ELY-directed clip is the final release from Richard's fantastic solo EP Armor On and features Richard in a mind-boggling array of tribal-meets-medieval-meets-space-age-meets-IDFKW couture. It's a video that ought to have Lady Gaga and maybe even Björk, giving Dawn a jingle to do a lil' closet spelunking. Believe us when we say we want to be part of THAT clothing swap party!

Watch Dawn Richard's "Wild N' Faith" video after the jump.

But it's not all about the next-level lewks she's rocking: between the weapon-wielding mystery men, the sickening "Where Have You Been"-esque choreography, and a scary looking dude sprouting old-timey microphones on the side of his face (what even...?), there's plenty here to whet your visual appetite. And because we love to make comparisons, we're even thinking that this video channels bits and pieces of Katie Melua's "The Flood" and Kelly Rowland's "Lay It On Me".

F'real, though: Kudos to Dawn for truly taking the reigns on her solo career and putting in the effort to do something truly innovative. Between the mental visuals and genre-mashing beats, this is exactly what we would expect from Danity Kane's most forward-thinking alum.

+ Watch Dawn Richard's "Wild N' Faith" video.

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