New Video: Dev Featuring Enrique Iglesias, ‘Naked’

Dev and Enrique Iglesias keep their clothes on in their sexy 'Naked' video.

We know what you're thinking: MTV Push Artist Of The Week "Dev," "Enrique Iglesias" and "naked" all in the same headline!?! SOLD! And while we'd love to fulfill all your wildest fantasies (this is a judgement-free zone and a safe space), unfortunately everyone keeps their clothes on in Dev's new "Naked" video. That doesn't mean it doesn't ooze with plenty of sexy, so you really should watch and employ the powers of your imagination.

Watch Dev and Enrique Iglesias in their music video for "Naked" after the jump!

Just 'cause everyone stays clothed in "Naked" doesn't mean this ish stays innocent -- the story takes place in the city of sin... no, not Indianapolis. It goes down in Las Vegas, where Dev and Enrique get ready for a night out of the town in their separate insanely posh penthouses. (No standards for these stars.) Much like the song's lyrical longing, we also have to patiently wait to see if anything happens between Dev and Enrique. It's all good, though, because all the sparkly aerial footage of the Vegas strip, close-ups of gambling and dancing montages make for some pretty visual fillers. Oh, and FINALLY, we get serious eye contact between the pair (is it getting hot in here?).

SPOILER ALERT: We don't really find out if the two ever really, um, "meet up." Sigh, you know the old saying: What happens in Vegas... doesn't always happen.

+Watch Dev's "Naked" video, featuring Enrique Iglesias.

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