New Video: Donora, ‘And Then The Girls’

Strap on your roller skates for Donora's 'And Then The Girls' video.

At first glance, Donora's video "And Then The Girls" video might seem like a total overload of retro-cheesy wackness. The video's centerpiece is a series of choreographed roller-skating routines, each filmed in mega-low-budge footage that suggests it's been ripped from a VHS tape recorded no later than 1987. That footage is spliced with goofy graffiti graphics and cut with shots of Donora singer/guitarist Casey Hanner, dancing away in her pleated denim jacket and high-waisted jeans (with the occasional fake firework blasting off behind her).

Watch Donora's "And Then The Girls" video after the jump.

But keep watching, and the video is sure to work its irony-free magic on you. "And Then The Girls," the latest single off of Donora's sophomore album, Boyfriends, Girlfriends, captures the Pittsburgh-based indie-pop trio at their dreamiest -- kind of like a breezier, cheerier Yeah Yeah Yeahs, or maybe Sleigh Bells minus the metal-soaked guitar. By the time the Day-Glo stars start shining in sync to the song's twinkling sound effects, you're practically sighing at the supersweet innocence of it all.

In the world of "And Then The Girls," everyone's just out to have a real good time. Even that ponytailed dude roller-dancing away in his purple-sequined top. Especially him.

+ Watch Donora's "And Then The Girls" video.

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