New Video: Drake Featuring Lil Wayne, ‘HYFR’

Drake rocks out in a tallis at his second Bar Mitzvah on the set of his new video "HYFR."

Jews worldwide, rejoice! In addition to his "Take Care" video featuring RihannaDrake just dropped his BAR MITZVAH-themed video, "HYFR." Actually, we'll amend that intro: "Anyone from any religion who loves to get down and party, rejoice!" Drake's "HYFR" video is basically just an excuse for us to watch Drake party it up Jew-style with Lil Wayne.

Watch Drake's "HYFR" video featuring Lil Wayne after the jump.

While Drake probably was super excited to party with Lil Wayne, this video also has some significant meaning. On October 24 of last year, Drake chose to have a second Bar Mitzvah as a "re-commitment to the Jewish religion," and the Joseph Labisi-directed video features footage from the actual event. I'm sorry, but did my invitation get lost in the mail?

At the top of the clip,  Drizzy heads to synagogue and reads from the Torah, no doubt using his vocal prowess to completely slay his Torah portion. Once he's done with the service, Drake and his pals head over to the party which is packed with kosher wine top shelf liquor and yarmulkes designer suits. Always the generous baller, in addition to a Torah-shaped cake, Drake provides his guests with a smorgasbord of Jewish classics (bagels, challah, whitefish salad, cream cheese schmear) and after they indulge in the feast, Drizzy and Co. dance the night away to the Hava Nagila. Oh, and did we mention "HYFR" is also rife with footage of a 13-year-old Drake at his first Bar Mitzvah?  WE DIE.

Mazel Tov, Drake! And "L'chiam," "Shalom," and everything else you're supposed to say when a Jewish boy crosses over into manhood.

+ Watch Drake's "HYFR" video featuring Lil Wayne.

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