New Video: Elle Varner, ‘Refill’

Watch Elle Varner's "Refill" video.

Allow me to be blunt: R&B songstress Elle Varner is a hit-making machine. First, she hooks up with J.Cole on the soulful "I Only Wanna Give It To You" video. And today, she's churning out yet another lush pop R&B jam called "Refill."

Penned by Elle, produced @Popwansel and The Varners, and co-produced by DJ Camper, "Refill" is the second single from Elle’s forthcoming debut album, Perfectly Imperfect. A sultry R&B joint, "Refill" speaks to the intoxicating rush Elle gets when she spends time with her man: "So can I get a refill?/Can I get a refill?/Can I get a refill?/Yeah, of your time/Cause you're intoxicating my mind/Feel like a conversational lush." (And here's where our relationship envy comes in.) It's also a good excuse to wear a cheerleading uniform.

+ Watch Elle Varner's "Refill" video after the jump.

Directed by Constellation Jones, Elle plays a member of a cheerleading squad that travels to New York for a tournament. The coach demands that the girls stay locked up in the hotel all night (I bet that'd never happen on coach Drake's team), but Elle manages to venture out to explore the big city. Naturally, Elle bumps into a cute dude, which leads to a night of fun, adventure and a little bit of romance. As her night in NYC comes to a close, Elle tries to give dude friend her number. But as her bus pulls away, the paper rips in half and we're left wondering what the future has in store for these star-crossed lovers! Actually to be honest, the only thing I can wonder about right now why the hell after 26 years of living in NYC have I not "accidentally" bumped into the love of my life on the street and gone on a romantic adventure with him? Answers, comments, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

+ Watch Elle Varner's "Refill" video.

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