New Video: Estelle, ‘Wonderful Life’

Estelle is living a 'Wonderful Life' in her latest single.

Estelle may be best known for her love affair with an "American Boy," but in the video for new single "Wonderful Life," the British chanteuse is taking us all around the world -- and we'd be lying if we claimed it was anything but a totally uplifting globetrotting journey. Sure, Pitbull still gets to claim the title of Mr. Worldwide (straight to L.A., New York, Vegas to Africa -- and don't forget Kodiak, Alaska!), but Estelle's living large in Sweden, Russia, Jamaica and a whole lot more in her new vid. It looks like it's a thoroughly multicultural experience. We're a little jealous of her wonderful life, to be honest.

Watch Estelle's "Wonderful Life" video after the jump.

The single, from her latest LP All of Me, is a jazzy, snazzy, feel-good track buoyed by Estelle's husky vocal delivery. "I'm fine, no thorns in my side/ Somebody remind me, it's a wonderful life," she sings over the crisp production. The Iren Sheffield-directed visuals, vibrant and lush, are a perfect complement to the song's inspirational vibe. Quick note to Estelle, though: Next time you go flying around the world, can you take us along? Our passport is so ready!

+ Watch Estelle's "Wonderful Life" video.

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