New Video: Eva Simons, ‘I Don’t Like You’

Whoa. Remind us not to get on Eva Simons' bad side. The glamazon vocalist just dropped the video for her brilliant dance single "I Don't Like You," and it's all about revenge -- in a big way. See, Eva's no-good man has been a-creepin', so she and her girls put on their best glamorous kicking-ass-or-maybe-going-to-the-club outfits and heels and go over to his apartment to trash it. They pour out his liquor! They throw his flowers off the fire escape! They mess up his chess board! They even give his dog a haircut! That's cold, Eva. Ya burnt, cheatin' mister.

Watch Eva Simons' "I Don't Like You" video after the jump.

As always, though, what's put front and center (besides Eva's gorgeously husky vocals) is her hair, and man, is she killing it. Admittedly, one of the styles looks like an enormous tassel we wanted to buy one time at Restoration Hardware, but the mohawk? It's "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" warrior princess realness, y'all.

+ Watch Eva Simons' video for "I Don't Like You."

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