New Video: Eve 6, ‘Victoria’

Eve 6 is back with their new video, 'Victoria.'

SoCal trio Eve 6 pretty much soundtracked the most monumental moments of my adolescence. "Here's To The Night" played at my graduation (we deemed it our theme song for that last incredible summer between high school and college), and it was also playing during some other stuff, but  I'd rather not overshare. But the moral of the story here is that I will forever be indebted to Eve 6, so any new songs the band releases will be insta-important in my book. Thankfully, "Victoria," the boys' latest single from their new album, Speak In Code (out today), is pretty great on its own, so I don't even have to pretend to love it.

Watch Eve 6's "Victoria" video after the jump. 

After disbanding in 2004 and reforming in 2007, the original Eve 6 lineup is back in action. In the video for "Victoria," lead vocalist Max Collins is in a long-distance relationship with a hot chick presumably named...Victoria. He video chats her as she promises him she won't go out. But girlfriend is kind of a playa so she decided to get her party on with tons of other guys anyway. As we see her taking body shots off a dude, Collins sings, "No, I don't believe you went to bed at 10:15/ Victoria, you're tearin' me up/ You said you'd call, I waited up/ I don't know why I even try/ I need another tequila." We guess it's sad that Max's girlfriend is cheating on him and all, but let's focus on the silver lining, shall we? Eve 6 is back and ready to make an entirely new generation of high schoolers totally nostalgic at graduation!

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