New Video: Far East Movement And Tyga, ‘Dirty Bass’

Guess what Far East Movement and Tyga are doing in their video, 'Dirty Bass'? Yep, partying.

Far East Movement has been seriously on their collaboration grind. First they partnered up with Justin Bieber on "Live My Life," hung with LMFAO on their "Live My Life (Party Rock Remix)" and now they're partying it up with "Rack City" mastermind Tyga on "Dirty Bass." #winning

Watch Far East Movement and Tyga's "Dirty Bass" video after the jump. 

As is the case with most Far East Movement videos, the plot is essentially "How hard can we party?" and "How many hot girls can we surround ourselves with in one scene?" Not that there's anything wrong with that... The video begins with a shot of the Far East boys and singer Kayla Kayla rolling through Hollywood in their badass, decked-out limo. The car is stocked with a strobe light, booze and of course, hotties. As they ride, the party rages harder and both Far East Movement and Tyga continue to share their hard partying habits: "I dip low when I feel loco/ Don’t trip, make a dip like a lolo/ uh, make a dip like a lolo." What's a lolo? We have no idea! All that matters is that Far East Movement and Tyga had a sick rager, and we weren't invited. Share the love next time, boys, OK?

+ Watch Far East Movement and Tyga's "Dirty Bass" video

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