New Video: Far East Movement, ‘Live My Life (Party Rock Remix)’

Watch Far East Movement's party-heavy "Live My Life (Party Rock Remix)" video.

You and I both know that any video boasting tunes by Far East Movement and a cameo by professional partier Redfoo (half of LMFAO) is going to be a complete and utter masterpiece. And surprise, surprise -- it is! Directed by Mickey Finnegan, the video for Far East Movement's Justin Bieber-assisted jam "Live My Life" was shot in Amsterdam (not even kidding). But since The Biebs couldn't make it to the video shoot, FEM's close pal and tourmate Redfoo stepped up to the plate and contributed a dope verse, the result of which FEM is now calling "Live My Life (Party Rock Remix)." One can never have too many Party Rocks.

Watch Far East Movement's "Live My Life" video after the jump.

In the clip, FEM and Redfoo do what they do best: wear bright clothing while partying extremely hard/making us feel really lame. This time, the boys take over a double-decker party bus and invite the folks of Amsterdam to join them. The bus is stocked with party favors, but no gathering is complete without Redfoo who, in addition to coordinating a giant flash mob style dance breakdown, finds the time to rap about a hot chick's behind: "Yo, I never met a girl with a big booty that I didn't like, yo, that I didn't like, hey!/ I wanna get you alone, because the feeling's right/ Tonight's the night!/ This is how we do it." The bus carries the boys from day to night, but as the fête rages on, nobody looks hungover, tired, sweaty or hungry. Y'all chugging energy drinks while nobody is looking or what? The stamina!

+ Watch Far East Movement's "Live My Life (Party Rock Remix)" video.

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