New Video: Florence + The Machine, ‘Never Let Me Go’

Florence + The Machine's 'Never Let Me Go' involves Jamie Campbell Bower and a skating rink. We're lost after that.

I would watch any and all Florence + The Machine videos with bated breath because I believe that her voice is literally made out of rainbow juice and angel wings. So it's cool when such a talented vocalist also likes to get a little weird in her videos when she doesn't even have to. Flo takes us to the dark side (or something) in her latest video, "Never Let Me Go," and even though we're not really sure what happens, OMG, THIS SONG.

Watch Florence + The Machine's "Never Let Me Go" video after the jump.

So we know that Tabitha Denholm directed, there's some kind of ice arena scenario, and Florence Welch is getting lovey-dovey with "Twilight"'s Jamie Campbell Bower. But beyond that, "Never Let Me Go," from Ceremonials, leaves me with many unanswered questions. This isn't the video for you if you like closure and certainty.

A brunette Florence and Jamie Campbell Bower have a solo couple's skate under some dramatic lighting, but then Florence's goth dress starts falling apart? And the maintenance person at the arena really starts cramping our style -- a thick gray liquid pours over Florence's body while the entire rink fills with suds? Man, I should have actually finished that second major in English. I'm missing all of this symbolism right now.

Despite what may or may not be happening in "Never Let Me Go," the eerie, bizarre visuals of the video match the almost supernatural tone of the song. Also, fact: Florence Welch is incapable of mistakes.

+ Watch Florence + The Machine's "Never Let Me Go" video.

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