New Video: Green Day, ‘Kill The DJ’

Dance (or ride dirt bikes) to Green Day's brand-new "Kill The DJ" video.

If you thought for a second that Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong's recent hospitalization would keep him away from doing things like performing at the 2012 MTV VMAs and releasing a career-spanning box set album aptly titled The Studio Albums 1990-2009, then you should start rethinking your thinking. Because Billie and the band did all of that and just released their new "Kill The DJ" video, off their Uno album. So much Green Day, so little time! No, literally, I'm not sure if I have enough time to listen to Green Day's entire box set, watch their new video on repeat, and shower, you know?

Watch Green Day's "Kill The DJ" video after the jump. 

Director Samuel Bayer shot the first minute of "Kill The DJ" in black and white with Green Day riding baller motorcycles through the desert before the video switches to color (i.e. becomes the hardcore version of "We Sing In Sillyville") as Billie Joe, Tre Cool, and Mike Dirnt arrive at a club. The clurrb is packed full with glow stick-waving ravers who eventually go a little cray and begin smearing blood all over their faces while punching each other out. (JUST SAY NO TO BATH SALTS!) Perhaps not the best video to show the kiddies before bedtime... unless you are the world's coolest parent.

+ Watch Green Day's  new "Kill The DJ" video (NSFW), and watch 2012 MTV VMA host Kevin Hart join Green Day on the tuba.

Photo credit: Marina Chavez/WBR

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