New Video: Green Day, ‘Stray Heart’

Green Day

Green Day's soundtracking a guy with heart problems -- but not the kind you think.

Ready for round two? Green Day are on to ¡Dos!, the second record in their punk album trilogy. In their "Stray Heart" video, a flirty guy tries to impress women with his record collection -- which might work if his heart wasn't already out roaming the city. No, for real: Dude's nearly "Walking Dead" status. Uh, we're gonna pass on dating the guy with a big, bloody, gaping hole in his chest -- how are we supposed to hug? The cat's already ruined enough of our sweaters.

Watch Green Day's "Stray Heart" video after the jump.

But this guy's heart hasn't exactly gone missing all together. The stray organ, wearing vein-size skinny jeans, leads our sketchy hero on a run around town, where he goes looking for love and gets slaps to the face instead -- all while bleeding out onto his leather jacket. (I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure commitment is way less bad for you than resembling a shotgun victim/almost-zombie.) So what can we learn from this video? Being a player: literally gross. The metaphor comes with a bouncy track powered by a classic Mike Dirnt bass line and a sing-along chorus: "Everything that I need, I need from you/ But I just can't have you," Billie Joe Armstrong sings.

Not that we have to worry about Green Day taking their affections elsewhere: ¡Dos! is due Nov. 13 on Reprise Records, with ¡Tré! landing Dec. 7. We love you, too, guys.

+ Watch Green Day's "Stray Heart" video.

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