New Video: Gym Class Heroes, ‘The Fighter’

Gym Class Heroes get all emo on us in their new video, 'The Fighter.'

In their moving new video, "The Figher," Gym Class Heroes document the journey 19-year-old gymnast John Orozco takes as he trains for the upcoming Olympic Games. Along with their pal Ryan Tedder, GCH take the stage to perform in a giant gymnasium. In between shots of the band tearing it up, we see incredible footage of John working out HARD: running, sweating and doing all kinds of sick flips and twirls on the parallel bars. (BRB, googling personal trainers.)

We don't wanna jinx anything for John, but if dude keeps up his rigorous training and sticks his landings the same way he did in the video, we're confident he could snag the gold medal. We'll be rooting for you, John -- go get 'em! And even if you don't win, at least you can say you partied with Gym Class Heroes.

+ Watch Gym Class Heroes' "The Fighter" video after the jump.

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