New Video: Haley Reinhart, ‘Free’

Haley Reinhart finds liberation from love gone wrong in her new video.

We don't normally like to use the word "saucy" to describe good music (it conjures way too many confusing images of marinara). But we just can't help it when it comes to Haley Reinhart's new video, "Free," due to the fact that there's a decided undercurrent of "haters, to the left." Ergo, the sauce.

As the second runner-up on "American Idol" last season, Haley still had a lot left to prove. And she's done exactly that with "Free." Haley, a born belter, has never been a pop princess, but "Free" manages to showcase her true vocal artistry while still maintaining a pop sensibility: "I'd like to wish you all the happiness/Maybe the truth is it'll kill me if you move on/Who is gonna be the first to say enough/Who is gonna be the first one to find true love."

+ Watch Haley Reinhart's "Free" video after the jump.

While there's not much of a plot to the "Free" video, Haley is seen sporting a range of retro-inspired outfits (high-waisted granny panties and crop tops!), which is more than enough to keep our interest. As she croons about her failed love, Haley jumps from one performance scene to the next, and it's not until the very end of the video where we meet the dude causing her so much heartache. WTF bro, have you taken a gander at Haley's legs, hmm?? Heidi Klum territory right there. His loss.

Haley's debut album, Listen Up!, drops on May 22.

+ Watch Haley Reinhart's "Free" video.

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