New Video: Havana Brown Featuring Pitbull, ‘We Run The Night’

Pitbull and Havana Brown run the night in their latest video.

How do you make a super sexy songbird writhing sensuously in a mostly sheer outfit even sexier? Just add Pitbull to the mix! At least that seems to be the formula for Havana Brown, the stunning Australian DJ-turned-chanteuse who has just dropped the video for her new single, "We Run the Night," which is probably the hottest vid we've seen since... Well, since Jennifer Lopez teamed up with Pitbull for "On The Floor." (There might be a pattern here. Smokin' hot lady + Pitbull = straight fire.)

"We Run the Night" already topped the charts in her native Australia -- and now, reswizzled by in-demand hitmaker RedOne and featuring a guest spot from Pitbull, the track has reached the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Dance Chart. (Fun fact: She's the first Aussie since Kylie Minogue to do so!) So what better way to celebrate her success than to drop a fresh video for the song?

Watch Havana Brown and Pitbull's "We Run The Night" video after the jump.

The song is an ultra-ferocious club banger built around a universally appealing hook: "We run/ Yes, we run the night." (We have every confidence that she does do just that.) Wondering about what happens to Havana Brown after she's done running the night? The lyrics tell that story, too: "Party, party all night, night/ Sleep all day, then do it again." The video for "We Run the Night" take this sophisticated narrative to a shmancy mansion nightclub thing (the kind that only exist in music videos), which can basically be broken down as follows:

1. Havana Brown is really bangin'. (There's some skimpy outfits and gold jewelry and she's sitting atop a throne, which is exactly where she belongs, and pulls off some of the most spectacular hair flips in recent memory.)

2. Pitbull is really bangin'. (He curls his upper lip with that signature Pitbull snarl and looks unusually flossy in a fire-engine red blazer that we totes want to borrow.)

We have no complaints about any of this. In fact, if Havana Brown keeps it up, we have no doubt that she'll continue earning that "International Love." (Get it?)

+ Watch Havana Brown featuring Pitbull, "We Run The Night."

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