New Video: Hot Chelle Rae, ‘Honestly’

Hot Chelle Rae's 'Honestly' video proves that breaking up can be fun.

While most breakup songs give off a serious "I'm gonna sit in my closet and snot-cry while eating bottomless pints of ice cream" vibe, Hot Chelle Rae's new video "Honestly" proves that the band never got the memo about breakups needing to suck. Actually, the guys celebrate their newfound singledom like only real rock stars can: by partying!

Watch Hot Chelle Rae's "Honestly" video after the jump.

The "Honestly" video starts with the band obsessively playing video games while lead singer Ryan Follese completely ignores his onscreen girlfriend ("Pretty Little Liars"' Ashley Benson). (Lana Del Rey wasn't joking about this serious relationship-ruining pandemic, guys.) Ryan's boo finally has enough, so she breaks up with him on the spot. But before you get all "Awww" for the guy, Ryan's fine -- actually, it's the girlfriend who's struggling. Clips catch her trying to get her ex's attention by doing some not-so-cool things (i.e. tossing his clothes out the window and keying cars). Ryan's not fazed at all and proves it by enjoying the ultimate partay with his band... and plenty of new GF options. Beer pong and rebounds fix everything, obvs.

Lesson learned: If you're as good-looking, famous and talented as Hot Chelle Rae, breakups don't really mean anything. Take notes.

+ Watch Hot Chelle Rae's "Honestly" video.

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