New Video: J. Cole Featuring Missy Elliott, ‘Nobody’s Perfect’

Watch J. Cole and Missy Elliott's new video, 'Nobody's Perfect.'

Anyone who can get Missy Elliott to cameo on their record is a total rock star in our book, so props to you, J. Cole, for getting the elusive Misdemeanor to go in on your song "Nobody's Perfect." Also, we're assuming this means we are one step closer to a new Missy solo album, which would probably make 90 percent of the population's life more complete! Just FYI, Missy.

In the Colin Tilley-directed clip, J. Cole and Missy start off in adjacent dingy hotel rooms. (If this were real life, you'd know they'd be balling out in a suite at The Four Seasons, but let's move on.) J. Cole opens his verse by rapping about his newfound wealth, fame and how easy it is for him to score with chicks (get yours, dawg): "I'm handin' diamonds and pearls and vandalizin' her curls/ Sweating her weave out, moans as she breathes out.../ I'm doin' in parties with Hova and Steve Stoute/ I step over piranha, death over dishonor."

Watch J. Cole's video "Nobody's Perfect" featuring Missy Elliott after the jump.

Missy's up next, and dangggg, girl! You got some set of pipes on you! Sure, we've heard Missy sing before, but she's not even rapping a tiny bit on this record! It's all singing, all the time, and it's completely badass. As she meets up with J. Cole, they dance together in a dimly lit room while Missy croons, "I love to go all night and/ We rock the boat, Poseidon/ I love to call your name, name, name/ Baby, I love to call your name, name, name."

Seriously, this may be the best song we've heard in a minute, and also... Missy! She's back! Please, we beg you, no more cameos after this -- only a new full-length album, 'kay?

+ Watch J. Cole featuring Missy Elliott, "Nobody's Perfect."

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