New Video: Jaden Smith, ‘Give It To ‘Em’


Jaden Smith debuts his video, 'Give It To 'Em.'

We're dying to know what Will and Jada Smith put in their kids' baby bottles to grow offspring with such unstoppable musical abilities. Willow Smith's already a successful "Fireball"-er, but now her 13-year-old bro Jaden Smith is stepping up to the mic in his first solo rap song/video, "Give It To 'Em." (Remember when he dropped rhymes with Justin Bieber?) Apparently, Jaden has lived a really privileged tough life, and he has something to say about it.

Watch Jaden Smith's "Give It To 'Em" video after the jump.

The black-and-white "Give It To 'Em" video captures the Will Smith look-alike attempting to bring his best tough guy image to the plate. (Cut-off t-shirts mean hard knocks, guys). His stern facial expressions and serious vocal tone had us all kinds of intimidated at first, but that floats away when the kid starts MC-ing about his Hilton hotel experiences. Even his frustrating moments in the spotlight seem like innocent complaints: “All these people are crazy/ This room is getting so crowded/ It’s just because we are famous and you don’t know nothin’ about it.” Anyone else having a hard time feeling bad for a guy that gets to join Willow Smith at the dinner table?

We won't lie, we're impressed by Jaden's flow... but we mostly spend the entire video wanting to pinch his cheeks and ask him if he has a girlfriend yet.

+ Watch Jaden Smith's "Give It To 'Em" video.

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