New Video: Jenna Andrews, ‘Weapon’

Watch Jenna Andrews' stunning video for "Weapon." 

Remember Jenna Andrews? The Canadian singer-songwriter and Buzz On alum (AND our new bangs obsession) has just debuted a stunning new video for her song, "Weapon." And by "stunning," we are referring the video and her face. But moving right along...

Watch Jenna Andrews' "Weapon" video after the jump.

Despite its yearning-burning lyrics, "Weapon" is totally the "light-some-candles-and-make-out-with-your-boyfriend" jam you've been searching for. (Like that crucial pre-makeout moment where you scroll through your iTunes/Spotify playlists for JUST THE RIGHT TRACK -- well, do yourself a favor and settle on this one.)

In the video, Jenna casually strolls along the beach, smizing at the camera,  curling her toes in the sand, and we suspect making men's hearts weep worldwide. Not much else happens in the video in terms of plot (save for Jenna looking hot in a black dress and then Jenna looking hot in a white dress!). But when have we ever complained about watching a total babe with sultry pipes sing a slow jam? Yep, never have, NEVER WILL.

+ Watch Jenna Andrews' "Weapon" video.

Photo credit: Island Records/ 21 Music

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