New Video: Jennifer Lopez Featuring Pitbull, ‘Dance Again’

Watch Jennifer Lopez's new video, "Dance Again,'" featuring Pitbull.

Jennifer Lopez premiered her new video for "Dance Again" last night on "American Idol," and holy moly, how can this woman have birthed TWO HUMANS and still look this amazing? Also, we thought "Idol" was a family show? This video is less "sit on the couch and chill with dad" and more "call your boyfriend over immediately."

In herĀ Pitbull-assisted video, J. Lo is covered in head-to-toe glitter and sports the dewiest skin we've ever seen. As the wind blows her hair back, Jenny From The Block accidentally falls, landing on a giant pile of almost-naked bodies who are writing around practically naked on the floor (whoops!). What else could J. Lo do but join in on the fun?

Watch J. Lo's "Dance Again" video featuring Pitbull after the jump.

As the video goes on, J. Lo picks one man from the orgy group writhe-a-thon and lookie here -- it's her IRL BF, Casper Smart! As they slink around, J. Lo and Casper pause for a dance break that consists primarily of Casper grabbing J. Lo's behind and J. Lo successfully making Marc Anthony jealous looking seductively into Casper's eyes. Next, there's some rolling around in mud, some more glitter, an almost R-rated pole dancing scene and TA-DA -- the video is over, and you're honestly not sure if you've watched extra footage from "Striptease" or a music video. But whatever, gotta respect any production with that generous of a glitter budget.

+ Watch J. Lo's "Dance Again" video featuring Pitbull.

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