New Video: Jessie J Featuring David Guetta, ‘Laserlight’

Watch Jessie J's new video for "Laserlight," featuring David Guetta.

While laser pointers may be hilarious in everyday life (have you ever watched a cat chase one of those things?), Jessie J puts them to more artistic use in her new music video, "Laserlight," the third single from her Who You Are album. Pair up the always-luminous Jessie with an electrically-charged David Guetta beat and we get one seriously flashy video. (Now accepting compliments on our clever "light" wordplay, thanks.)

Watch Jessie J's "Laserlight" video, featuring David Guetta, after the jump.

While there's not a whole lot of plot in "Laserlight," we have to admit that we're not missing one. The video celebrates Jess enjoying a good time everywhere she goes while looking supes fashionable. We get clips of Jessie hanging in movie theaters, singing to herself in a dressing room mirror and fun moments twirling in dance clubs -- but we really can't stop staring at her outfits. If we had to hypothesize about the real reason they used all the laser lights in the video (nevermind the song's name), we're thinking they're actually pointing at all of Jessie's GORG accessories -- spiked jackets, gigantic hoop earrings and ripped abs that would make even Jennifer Lopez jealz.

"Laserlight" is Jessie and David's second collabo together (the duo also worked on a song from Guetta's Nothing But The Beat), and judging by the successful party the pair brought, they seem to have a glowing repertoire.

+ Watch Jessie J's (featuring David Guetta) video for "Laserlight."

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