New Video: John Mayer, ‘Shadow Days’

John Mayer channels his inner cowboy in his 'Shadow Days' video.

Remember wayyy back when John Mayer used to be really cute write bouncy songs about the stresses of going through his quarter-life crisis? Or fuzzy, late-Sunday-afternoon slow jams about your body being BANGIN'? Welp, John's moved on to singing about Heavier Things in life (at the ripe age of 35) while embracing his inner cowboy in his new video, "Shadow Days."

Watch John Mayer's "Shadow Days" video after the jump.

In "Shadow Days," John looks to be on a self-reflecting road trip through the West. To hit the "finding himself" metaphor out of the park (and tap into the tune's very country-inspired sound), scenes capture a pensive John singing and strumming in front of picturesque montages of all-American desert sunsets and mountains all by his lonesome. We can only begin to imagine what he's really thinking about on his solo journey -- maybe all those past relationships, which guitar faces to master or perhaps he's just trying to channel some serious Traveling Wilburys/Allman Bros vibes. What we know for sure is that we still wouldn't mind getting lost with him on the road, as long as he got a hair cut let us pick out some happier tunes to sing along to once in a while.

If John Mayer's new video doesn't inspire the soundtrack for your next road trip (or haircut), perhaps his Born And Raised album -- due May 22 -- will.

+ Watch John Mayer's "Shadow Days" video.

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