New Video: Johnny Headband, ‘And Then Again’

Watch Johnny Headband's 'And Then Again' video.

The dudes in Johnny Headband are all about perseverance. In their fantastically wacky video for "And Then Again," the Detroit-based electro-pop trio try their best at chess, racing and rodeo and end up with some wildly mixed results. But just like your mom probably told you a million times: It's not whether you win or lose, it's how sexy you look while crawling across a strobe-lit dance floor in your gender-bending off-the-shoulder blouse and super-creepy black gloves.

Watch Johnny Headband's "And Then Again" video after the jump.

The deadly catchy second single off their upcoming album Who Cooks for You, "And Then Again" combines the dreamy pop of Foster the People with the weirdo genius of Beck and the campy playfulness of Scissor Sisters. True to the bonkers spirit of the song, the "And Then Again" video is crammed with quirky moments (including a break-dancing segment complete with old-school slow-mo effects).

While "And Then Again" is all nonstop action and goofball fun, our favorite moment's gotta be the bit at the beginning when the two Johnny Headband frontmen (brothers Chad and Keith Thompson) battle it out in a heated chess game that's aided by Chad's speed-reading of Chess for Dummies. Thumbs way up to whoever found those bad-ass chess pieces -- and to the stylist responsible for Keith's truly fabulous ribbed turtleneck.

Who Cooks for You drops April 17.

+ Watch Johnny Headband's "And Then Again" video.

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