New Video: Jordan Newt, ‘Fresh Down 2 My Socks’

No offense, Bieber, but Jordan Newt makes you look like a senior citizen.

When people like me (individuals who can legally vote and drink) become obsessed with pop stars such as One Direction and Justin Bieber, we already feel a little long in the tooth. (That's an old people saying for "old.") So when I bumped into Jordan Newt's "Fresh Down 2 My Socks," I called AARP and told them I was ready for their spaceship to abduct me.

Watch Jordan Newt's "Fresh Down To My Socks" video after the jump.

Jordan (otherwise known as "The Prince Of Swag") is a 14-year-old hip-hop kid/ rapper/ YouTube sensation who comes from a long line of musically talented folks. His father, Bob Newt, and uncle, J Valentine, are the production duo responsible for tracks such as NSYNC's "Celebrity" and "Dirty Pop," as well as hits from Tyrese, Mario and Pleasure P. They're also behind Jordan's debut project, the buzz around which has been helped by Jordan's popular cover of Tyga's "Rack City," aptly titled -- wait for it -- "Swag City."

In "Fresh Down 2 My Socks," Jordan rocks a baseball jacket that I want to buy while he and his friends form a dance circle, showing off their kickin' moves. (Is that what the kids are calling them these days?) We also get to see footage of all the places Jordan's already been, including various red carpets and live performances (even though he's ONLY 14). And if you're wondering, yes, Jordan is fresh down to this socks. Because we're pretty sure there's nothing else than he can legally be fresh down to.

+ Watch Jordan Newt's "Fresh Down 2 My Socks" video.

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