New Video: Kanye West, ‘Lost In The World’

We'd think Kanye West would have his hands full with G.O.O.D. Music's new album, hanging with Hov and taking Kim to "Hunger Games" screenings, but the rapper found time for a blast from the past for us today -- a new video for "Lost In The World." The already-classic My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy track gets an artsy treatment from Yeezy. The black-and-white video's full of gorgeous models dancing on a mirrored building, flailing under cloud cover and haunted by their own eerie (yet still attractive) reflections. It's simple but beautiful imagery that turns dark and intense as Kanye turns on the bright lights in the form of jarring strobes as the video swerves into abstract urban scenes.

Things get less surreal as Kanye drops in to drop verses from under a crystal-studded baseball cap, which probably costs more than Yankees season tickets. The only thing missing from the video, directed by fashion filmmaker Ruth Hogben, is Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, whose vocals are poured on the track like maple syrup on whole-grain pancakes. Dude was probably busy having his heart broken and plotting his next surprise Grammy win, so we'll forgive his absence.

Not that Kanye's been on vacation or hiding out in a Deco spire in Gotham City. He just hit the studio with Justin Bieber (not enough OMGs in the world) and dropped two new songs, "Way Too Cold" and the posse cut "Mercy," last month. You know what they say: No rest for the Yeezy.

+ Watch Kanye West's "Lost In The World" video.

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