New Video: Lana Del Rey, ‘Blue Jeans’

We were sufficiently happy with Lana Del Rey's original self-made video for her viral hit "Blue Jeans," but now that she's a signed recording artist, girl's upping the ante. And we'll take it! Lana released a new, official video for "Blue Jeans," and it's pretty clear girl is into some dark ish.

Watch Lana Del Rey's "Blue Jeans" video after the jump.

Lana takes us back to her Hollywood sadcore roots in the Yoann Lemoine-directed "Blue Jeans" -- set in the pool of a classic '50s style Hollywood Hills home, Lana and her video boyfriend Bradley Soileau ("Born To Die") reunite to live out their tragic black-and-white love story. There's lots of slo-mo brooding, seductive smoking and a possible drowning. Lana and her dude get all PDA on us, groping each other and making out while a crocodile joins in on the fun (wait, not like that). Lana sings as she caresses her man in the water, "You went out every night/ And baby, that's alright/ I told you that no matter what you'd have me by your side." And then she dies... maybe? I think it's open to interpretation, like "Titanic." (She totally dies.)

While we love LDR's whole "thing" she has going on, we're wondering when one of her videos is going to have a happy ending. How does she explain fairy tales to the kids she babysits? "And then Prince Charming kissed Sleeping Beauty and they lived happily ever after... until he got lazy, stopped bathing regularly and became clinically obsessed with World Of Warcraft."

+ Watch Lana Del Rey's "Blue Jeans" video.

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