New Video: Ludacris Featuring David Guetta + Usher, ‘Rest Of My Life’

Ludacris, Usher, and David Guetta go all out in their "Rest Of My Life" video.

It's time to start living your best life, guys! Or at least that's what LudacrisDavid Guetta, and Usher want us to do. How can we be sure? Oh, just the crystal clear "live your life to the fullest!" message that characterizes the boys' brand-new video, "Rest Of My Life." 

Watch Ludacris' "Rest Of My Life" video featuring Usher and David Guetta after the jump.

Produced by French house music master David Guetta, "Rest Of My Life" is maybe the most club-ready anthem you'll ever hear, and it's got an equally empowering video to boot. Though the song lacks a clear plotline, we spend most of the video watching Usher and Luda commandeer a highway (or maybe it was like, 2 a.m. on a Tuesday with no cars on the road?) and dance and jump around with sparklers. Shots of giant waves and a shirtless Ludacris waving an American flag fill in the gaps, and, hey! -- even NBA star Chris Paul makes a quick appearance. Oh, wait! We forgot the best part: that one crucial scene where David Guetta head bangs to a strobe light. #Important.

So how'd these three bros end up hopping on one jam? Rumor has it that Ludacris pitched the collaboration to Usher while they were flying first class(!): “Never did a record like this in my life," explains Ludacris. "Crazy how this came together...I’ve been on a million Usher records. This is my first record featuring Usher. History has been made.” And this, friends, is another reason why I should have applied for that Delta "double upgrade rewards" credit card, or whatever. Learn from my mistakes.

+ Watch Ludacris' "Rest of My Life" video featuring Usher and David Guetta.

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