New Video: Machine Gun Kelly, ‘Half Naked And Almost Famous’

Come take a look back over the past year of Machine Gun Kelly's life with the video for the title track on his debut album, Half Naked and Almost Famous. MGK shut down SXSW this year and took home the Breaking Woodie Award, so it's fitting that the video begins with him on stage accepting the chunk of lumber. Skip back a year, and we find a shirtless (obviously) and slightly less inked Kells in the crowd at SXSW, looking into a camera and saying that soon it'll be him up on the MTV stage.

The song "Half Naked and Almost Famous" heavily samples the synth-pop hit "Young Blood" from New Zealand indie rockers The Naked And Famous, who are the go-to band for snowboard videos and games right now. Anyway, MGK alters the track just about as much as he altered the band's name with his wordplay, but by adding some harder drums and guitar riffs, he does enough to make it his own. (And if you're interested in more things "naked and famous," I suggest this Canadian denim company that uses only the finest of Japanese rare & raw materials. But that's just me.)

Watch Machine Gun Kelly's "Half Naked and Almost Famous" video after the jump.

Back to the "Half Naked And Almost Famous" video, directed by RG FILMS. We find the Cleveland "Wild Boy" taking a wild trip through the documentary footage of his crazy year, running through Beverly Hills in his boxers, crashing red cup college parties, pillow-fighting at a sorority and clowning around at the Fantasy Factory with Rob Dyrdek. And to be honest, even though this video mixes sort of candid footage with proper video shoots, all of it feels like what this kid's life has been like over the past year, grinding on the road, signing with Diddy's Bad Boy Records, and finally back at SXSW, half naked and stage diving.

+ Watch Machine Gun Kelly's "Half Naked And Almost Famous" video (NSFW lyrics).

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