New Video: Major Lazer, Featuring The Dirty Projectors’ Amber Coffman, ‘Get Free’

Meet the kinder, softer side of Major Lazer.

You never know what you're going to get with a new Major Lazer video, you know? So color me surprised (or whatever) when I first watched the video for "Get Free", Major Lazer's excellent homage to Jamaican dancehall culture. There's no doubt Diplo's sincere in his musical endeavors, but his reggae/dancehall project Major Lazer has always walked the line between parody and homage, especially when it comes to the videos. Previous visuals have featured an animated Major Lazer with a rocket-powered skateboard and lazer arm, eternal man-child Andy Milonkis, and two videos directed by comedy surrealist Eric Wareheim (of Tim & Eric). So you might not be expecting something that's more like the video for his NOLA bounce jam, "Express Yourself" than "Orginal Don" but quit your bloodclot cryin', because the "Express Yourself" video is great.

Watch Major Lazer's "Get Free" video featuring Amber Coffman of The Dirty Projectors after the jump.

"Get Free," from Major Lazer's upcoming Free The Universe LP, features The Dirty Projectors' Amber Coffman's laid-back vocals over a somewhat early-sounding (at least for Major Lazer) dancehall jam. And with lyrics about escaping breached levees, I wouldn't be surprised if "Get Free" gets used in spots for the upcoming breakout Sundance hit that the internet won't shut up about this week, "Beasts Of The Southern Wild" (but man I do really want to see that movie), even if "Express Yourself" is more regionally appropriate.

Diplo is touring all over the damn world this summer, but you can follow Major Lazer's intergalactic exploits on tumblr. And you should.

+ Watch Major Lazer's "Get Free" video, featuring The Dirty Projectors' Amber Coffman.

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