New Video: Monica And Brandy, ‘It All Belongs To Me’

Brandy and Monica are BFFs in their 'It All Belongs To Me' music video.

Brandy and Monica's "The Boy Is Mine" was THE ULTIMATE "step off my man" anthem in the '90s. The infamous music video showed both pop stars fighting over the same boy, and we actually imagined the two despised each other for all these years! But in the duo's latest video, "It All Belongs To Me," the two are supertight BFFs. Yay, forgiveness!

Watch Monica and Brandy's "It All Belongs To Me" video after the jump.

In the "It All Belongs To Me" video, Brandy and Monica are over their mooching men. The gown-wearing pair sing their woes while scenes catch both women spoiling their boos with extravagant gifts. Dudes apparently didn't keep up their end of the bargain 'cause Monica and Brandy feel like they're being taken advantage of. The ladies eventually get so fed up that they take back their presents, dress up in some chic leather, toss all those undeserved gifts into an expensive car (also a gift from Monica to her man) and light the sucker up in flames! Everyone knows that blowing up pricey merchandise while looking GORG is the only way to prove a point.

Not that we promote arson or anything, but we're just super happy Brandy and Monica are getting along -- clearly, no man is worth holding on to a years-old grudge.

+ Watch Monica and Brandy's "It All Belongs To Me" video.

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