New Video: Nikki Reed And Paul McDonald, ‘Now That I’ve Found You’

Watch newlyweds Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald's video "Now That I've Found You"

I love me some "Twilight," and I love me some "American Idol." So when their powers combine, I am clearly one happy girl. (Sue me, I dig pop culture.) "Twilight" actress Nikki Reed and her hubby, former "Idol" contestant Paul McDonald, have teamed up on a new video, "Now That I've Found You." Normally, we'd be throwing up in our mouths a little at the prospect of seeing a lovey-dovey couple act all lovey-dovey in a music video but for some reason it's really not bothering us this time. And trust, there is a lot of PDA in this video, but maybe since this is such a pretty song sung by such an attractive couple we don't mind watching.

Watch Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald's "Now That I've Found You" video after the jump.

Directed by Nikki and Whitney Dean, the video shows the gorgeous couple walking through the forest, gazing lovingly at one another and holding hands. Nikki stares longingly into Paul's eyes and as the folk music plays, we can almost see their adorable babies running barefoot on the beach as the two parents prepare an organic dinner (or whatever super famous people do). Okay, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself but call me in three years -- you know it's gonna happen.

In his own words, Paul explains: "I'm always walking around the house with a guitar, and I'm always writing songs and stuff like that... Nikki's a great writer and she always kind of sings along with me. I'm like, 'Dude, you have a great voice. Why don't we do something?' When we were on the way back from France, this song kind of happened on the plane." O RLY, it just kind of "happened" on the plane? You guys just kind of "happen" to be extremely attractive and famous? Why can't any of that stuff "just happen" to normal peeps like me, huh?

+ Watch Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald's "Now That I've Found You" video.

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