New Video: Paul McCartney, ‘My Valentine’

If for some bizarre reason you've ever doubted that Paul McCartney was both a musical genius and a bad-ass with a crazy-stacked Rolodex, then let us direct you to the Sir's latest video for his beautiful ballad, "My Valentine."

No, you're not watching a preview for a new Natalie Portman/Johnny Depp drama coming out next month, you're watching the latest Paul McCartney video. (Clearly the man's got good taste in hot people.) If "My Valentine"wasn't already jam-packed with enough famous peeps for you, then allow us to alert you to the fact that the haunting guitar melody lilting throughout the entire song was playing by a lil' studio musician-for-hire by the name of Eric Clapton. AND the stunning visuals were fashioned by none other than Paul's kid/clothing designer-to-the-celebs, Stella McCartney. We told you, STACKED Rolodex.

Watch Paul McCartney's "My Valentine" after the jump.

With guidance from cinematographer Wally Pfister, the McCartney-directed clip was shot in black-and-white and features interlaced images of Natalie and Johnny singing and signing the lyrics to Paul's tune. As Natalie signs, we hear Paul croon: "What if it rained?/ We didn't care/ She said that someday soon the sun was gonna shine/ And she was right/ This love of mine/ My Valentine." Sadly, Paul's nowhere to be found in the video, but I guess if you can't look at a Beatle, then gawking at Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp is the next best option.

+ Watch Paul McCartney's "My Valentine."

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