New Video: Pitbull, ‘Back In Time’

You pretty much know that you've made it when you're picked out of every artist in the world to record the theme song to the new "Men In Black III" movie. Pitbull's latest jam, "Back In Time," samples the 1950s hit "Love Is Strange" by pop duo Mickey & Sylvia. Today marks the official video release.

Watch Pitbull's "Back In Time" video after the jump. 

Pardon us, did we say video? Because we actually meant "abridged version of 'Men In Black III,' starring Pitbull." In the video, Pit inserts himself into actual scenes from the forthcoming flick and ends up battling some crazy-ass aliens alongside "MIB III" stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Pitbull goes out for a simple Chinese dinner with his gal when all of a sudden, some ETs burst onto the scene. (Another day, another alien invasion.) But have no fear, y'all -- Mr. Worldwide is well-equipped with a tricked-out alien-killing gun and effs those extraterrestrials up.

Pit recently spoke to Rap-Up and explained the concept for the video: "We can’t understand the future if we don’t go back in time. I think we often times need to go back in time to figure out who we are and how we’re gonna move forward." See, and here we thought the concept was simply "How many aliens can we fit into this thing?" But props to Pitbull for working in some mad deep subtext.

+ Watch Pitbull's "Back In Time" video.

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