New Video: Rebecca Black, ‘Sing It’

I think it's safe to say it's not "Friday" anymore, guys. Rebecca Black's infamous music video that garnered her about a bajillion views (and several hundred thousand "dislikes") was released over a year ago, and the adorable singer is putting the past behind her and moving forward with her life. Rebecca's back with her latest single, "Sing It," and there are very few things to hate about it! I'm not kidding! Progress!

Watch Rebecca Black's "Sing It" video after the jump.

What people seem to forget about Rebecca Black is that she's just a teenage girl who likes to sing, and that's exactly what you'll find her doing in "Sing It." Half Christina Aguilera's "Genie In A Bottle," half Proactiv commercial, the "Sing It" video reminds us that teenagers seriously have the best time ever: They get to sit around on piers at dusk and have parties with their friends, lip-synch into cameras wearing flowers in their hair and joyously blow bubbles in fields! I never got to do that when I was her age -- how come no one makes videos about working the prep station at Pizza Hut?

So no, Rebecca Black isn't practicing quantum physics or even balancing a checkbook in her "Sing It" video, but leave her alone already. It's a genuinely cute pop song sung by a genuinely cute girl. Let's just forget about that whole "Friday" thing and call a truce, shall we?

+ Watch Rebecca Black's "Sing It" video.

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